Colours and Finishes

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes for mild steel, and offer a matching service for bespoke colours for mild steelstainless steel and aluminium.

 We can also apply sophisticated images to products, whether that be for powerful branding or aesthetic reasons. Signage made in vitreous enamel will never fade in the shabby way that cheaper alternatives do.

Beyond the cosmetic, we can create glass which endures in hot, corrosive environments or in other specific atmospheres. Indeed, one of the biggest enamel markets in continental Europe and around the world is for water heaters and boilers.

An enamel finish typically has high glossiness, but matt effects can also be achieved. We have metallic-appearance enamels, colours with speckle or fleck, finishes that blend from one colour to another (think Le Creuset pans) and even luminous enamels that glow in the dark!


ECS is the only enameller in the UK with capability to coat aluminium pieces. With its lower firing temperature, successfully coating aluminium requires a very different set of conditions and enamel milling than steel enamels. 

Coating aluminium rather than steel has a couple of significant advantages for the customer. Alloys that are suitable for enamelling are more commonly available than for steel, whilst the manufacturing process of the shape is generally cheaper due to the material's greater ductility. Additionally, colours can be applied directly rather than in a layering process, offering significant cost savings of glass enamel. 

The Process

ECS offers three coating processes for enamel.

Powder Coating: A quick, efficient method that uses the most modern development in enamel technology. Best for high volume, simply-designed small items.

Wet Spray: Wet spray is the best option for parts on which controlling the thickness of the coating is paramount, complex shapes or multi-coat/ colour finishes. Spraying enamel demands a different skill set to organic or plastic coatings.

Submersion: Typically submersion is used for flue pipes or pieces that need a comprehensive coating, but that will drain easily without leaving lumps or excessively thick areas of enamel. 


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