Vitreous Enamel (also know as Porcelain Enamel)

Vitreous enamel is glass fused onto a metal substrate at high temperature ( 800-850 degrees C), combining the all the beauty and performance characteristics of glass with the strength of steel or another metal substrate such as aluminium (we are the only company in the UK with this capability).

 Enamel is also a surprisingly "green" material, which is mainly because of its life cycle. Unlike powder coating or organic coatings general, enamel glass will maintain its appearance for decades in normal conditions, protecting its metal substrate from rust or other surface weathering. Designing products to last is ultimately the most effective way to reduce our impact on the planet.


  • They can withstand high temperatures (up to 500 degrees C) without material damage.
  • They are highly reflective and can offer bright, beautiful colours.
  • They have high abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Are UV stable, meaning they don' t fade in the sun.
  • They are strongly anti-graffiti due to the smoothness of the glass surface.
  • They can be made to have excellent corrosion resistance properties to acids, alkalis, salt spray and other hostile environments.
  • They are highly scratch resistant.
  • They are food safe.
  • Enamel has extremely high compressive strength, good flexibility, conducts heat well and can be formulated to withstand thermal shock. 


It is such qualities that have seen enamel used for thousands of years, from decorative jewellery to being heavily used in London Underground stations due to their superb fire-safety properties. See here for the reason why:'s_Cross_fire 


                                    Industrial Varnish Silicone Resin Aluminium Enamel Steel Enamel Ceramic Glaze
Processing temperature 160 DC 220 DC 550 DC 820 DC 1050 DC 
Processing time 60m 30m 7m 5m 20-30m
Independence of shape AA A A-B C A
Heat resistance 140 DC 200 DC 350-400 DC 450-550 DC 600 DC
Abrasion resistance D B A AA AA
Impact resistance AA A B B-C C
Resistance to chemical attack by acids/alkalis A-B A-B A AA AA

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