Welcome to Ellison Coating Systems Ltd – Vitreous Enamelling specialists

Ellison Coating Systems is a specialist in the application of vitreous enamel onto sheet steel and aluminium.

With well over a century of accumulated experience in enamelling, we provide a high quality service to businesses in a range of sectors and offer re-enamelling solutions to consumers. These range from offering striking and resilient architectural cladding solutions; to safe and lasting stoves, fires and flues; to hygienic and functional cookers and domestic appliances; to beautiful house fittings and furniture; to intricate and practical wirework; to UV-resistant, non-fade signage; to components which will withstand the toughest and most aggressive industrial atmospheres. There are many other areas which utilise vitreous (sometimes called porcelain) enamel.

We are experts in identifying and applying the right enamel to whatever shape and performance specification required by the customer, walking new projects through from inception to full production.

Our management team can control the whole value chain to present a customer with a finished product, or facilitate the design, production and logistics of new products thanks to our established contacts with suppliers and other manufacturers.

Our site is designed to introduce ECS as a specialist in glass fusion enamelling, and to explain the benefits and properties of vitreous enamel itself. If you have any questions or enquiries, please browse through the site or find our details on the contact us page. We appreciate your feedback.

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